March 13th, 2017

Hey DIYer’s,

How have you all been? As always, I appreciate the love from everyone who has commented on previous posts. It has been surreal to find out the number of people who take on the same tasks that we do. All in all, we are better for it. Right?!

OK. Recently we had some nasty weather and the wind was gusting up to 55 miles per hour. Unfortunately, a couple of trees on our property fell and our fence was damaged but luckily no one was injured; including our neighbor since one tree crossed on to their property.

The next day, I called my father to come by and assess the incident. Some of you are probably wondering why I contacted my dad, is he a tree guy? Well, no my dad is not a tree removal expert but he is a DIYer and I learned a lot from him over the years. Anyhow, dad stopped by and we checked out the fall trees and the damaged fence. While we were outside, my neighbor Troy came outside and joined us. My dad encouraged me to call a tree service professional but Troy said he could do it with his chainsaw. Of course I said….LETS DO IT!

Later that day, Troy and I started cutting up the tree. We planned to take turns with the chainsaw. Before we started I took every per-caution possible: long pants/shirt, steel toe boots, heavy duty gloves and protective eye wear. I started with the the branches, Troy and my father piled them up. I cut the tree for about an hour, after that we switched, Troy ended up finishing the tree in ┬ámust say this was no easy task. After, 20 minutes or so I had to stop. My hands became tired and I did not feel safe handling the chainsaw. Troy ended up finishing the first tree….

The second tree was smaller than the first and went smoothly however, if I did not have an experienced and skilled friend that is knowledgeable with a chainsaw I definitely would have contacted a tree removal company like my father suggested. I definitely owe my neighbor for helping me out with this and it was the first time he helped me out and it will not be the last. One of the greatest things is having a dependable neighbor. I always remembered the close relationships my family had with their neighbors. Granted, most of them were family but some were not and they always looked out for each other. Today, it is much different. Many people avoid their neighbors. I wonder, why? Wouldn’t you want an extra set of eyes looking after your house or children (while playing outside)? I certainly do, and that is what me and Troy do for each other!



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