November 28th 2015

Hello Everyone. Thank you to those who have reached out. I appreciate it. Therefore, after I have received a few questions on how to replace a kitchen faucet. I decided to review a step by step process of removing and installing a new kitchen faucet.

First thing is to kill the water under the kitchen sink. Clear the entire space under your sink so nothing gets wet in the event that some water drips from the connectors (this will happen). Every sink framework is distinctive yet you ought to see some kind of handle. Mine is really new and was anything but difficult to identify. You will see two handles for both hot and cool water lines. Turned them both clockwise to turn off the water flow. Second, disconnect the water lines from each valve, utilizing a wrench.

Third, there will be a nut holding the fixture set at the base, under the counter all the way up in that is staggeringly hard and cumbersome to reach. Get a couple pads to place under you, and get a headlamp on the off chance that you have one. Since each fixture is distinctive the nut sizes will be different too. You may need to attempt an assortment of tools to have the capacity to get the nut free. For my faucet, there were two nuts under the sink. I utilized two wrenches hanging on the screws to slacken it. To remove the faucet, they should include the tool you can use to loosen the nut, which was exceptionally helpful. Save this tool after you’re done in the event that you want to remove the fixture at a later date.

Finally, once the nut is removed you ought to have the capacity to push the whole unit up and take the faucet out. With the sprayer fixture unit, you have an additional hose down underneath the sink which ought to be detached, making it less difficult to push up through. What’s more, it additionally has a weight on it which you have to remove too. On my specific fixture was crimped from the factory and wasn’t going to detach. So I needed to jimmy it (an extremely troublesome task) to get the nut off every one of the threaded pipes. Most faucets have a pressure installation with the sprayer hose–all you need to do to is push a little bit of plastic in the right heading.

Look at the next post for step by step installation instructions. Please let me know what you think after following this tutorial.

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