November 20th, 2015

Hi there, my name is Michael. I am a lifelong learner of all things that apply to home improvements. I have learned most of my skills from my grandfather and father. However, within the last several years I have used the world wide web to expand my skill set. The internet gives me the opportunity to search and watch videos from experienced individuals who appreciate the value in teaching others.

My main objective here is to share my knowledge, experience, and provide value to all who have the interest in broaden their knowledge base with valuable information that will safely help you take a part, install, remove, clean, fix, and troubleshoot almost anything that is inside your residence or home. Please bear in mind that you are one hundred percent responsible for any action you take. I am not a licence professional, therefore, I am not responsible for any possible errors you might make. If you are unsure about anything please consult a licence professional.

Today, I am going to start with the best all natural product to clean your hands with after working with oil or grease. Most of us who work in the garage at home know that grease and oil is greatly apart of this environment. Yes, there are plenty of effective cleansers that do a decent job in removing oil, grease, and grime. However, when you are constantly washing your hand with those types of cleansers you may notice some irritation, drying, and cracking of the skin. This maybe due to the ingredients or the frequency of hand washing.

Now, what if I told you there is a NATURAL way to clean your hands after working with grease and grime. True, that probably would not be a huge surprise. Right? Well, what if the product is mainly composed of “dirt”. That’s right, dirt! For those who do not know dirt is an excellent natural cleanser and there are many all natural industrial cleaners on the market but none of them are made of dirt and one hundred percent biodegradable except one, Grip Clean.

Grip clean is a all natural industrial cleaner that removes oil and grease from your hands. This revolutionary product completely made of dirt. In addition, it is one hundred percent all natural and biodegradable. That right there is revolutionary. There is no other product on the market like that. It is not to rough on your skin but is still coarse enough to get the most stubborn grease and oil stains off of your hands.

I tested Grip Clean with grease, motor oil, and air filter oil and the results were amazing, it removed everything! The smell of this product is nice and pleasant. The bottle design is not round so it fits in your hand without slipping out. My favorite part about this soap is does not dry your skin like other industrial hand soaps because grip clean is also a natural moisturizer.

So, for all you guys (and gals) who work around the garage or the house and expose yourself to grease, grime, and / or oil. I highly recommend using Grip Clean for your hand cleansing needs. If you buy the product on my recommendation, drop me a line and tell me how do you like it.

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